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Nordic Winter (B382)


General Information
DesignCS60 ECO MW
Dimensions130 m length
92 m breadth
Draft23.5 m
Displacement63,000 mt
Variable Load5,000 mt
Accommodation140 persons
Helideck22 m x 22 m
Max Water Depth1,500 m
Max Drilling Depth10,000 m
Drilling Package
DerrickMH Wirth Ramrig
Hook Load950 mt
Top DriveMH Wirth DDM-1000-AC-2M
DrawworksMH Wirth Ramrig
Rotary TableMH Wirth Hydraulic
CompensatorActive / Passive
Tubular HandlingMH Wirth Vertical Pipe Racker 135
Mud Pumps3x MH Wirth GmbH
HP Mud System7,500 psi
Shale Shakers5x NEC Dual Pool 626 VE
Station Keeping
Dynamic PositioningPOSMOOR (ATAR)
Anchor Winches4x Rolls Royce
Anchors8x Stevpris Mk 6
Thrusters4x Indar
Transit Speed7.8 knots
Subsea Equipment
BOPNOV 18-3/4",
15,000 psi, 5 ram
DiverterNOV 500 psi
AnnularNOV 10,000 psi
Wellhead ConnectorNOV CMX-1527
Marine RiserMH Wirth QTR4000LS
Tensioners8x MH Wirth YD171
Moonpool36.9m x 8.5 m
BOP Handling400 MT overhead crane
Storage Capacities
Fuel3,700 m³
Drill Water1,600 m³
Potable Water600 m³
Active Liquid Mud950 m³
Reserve Liquid Mud1,300 m³
Bulk Bentonite / Barite420 m³
Bulk Cement420 m³
Sack Storage5,000 sacks
Main Engines5x Rolls Royce
Primary Crane4x 100T NOV
X-mass Tree Crane2x MH Wirth

The above information is intended for informational purposes only. Actual equipment and specifications may vary based upon subsequent changes, the contract situation and customer needs.