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AD110 (B352)


General Information
Dimensions310 ft length
226 ft width
Leg Length517 ft
Leg below hull460 ft
Draft16.5 ft
Variable Load7,500 kips
Cantilever Envelope70 ft x 30 ft
Max Cantilever Load2,500 kips
Helideck72 ft x 72 ft
Max. Water Depth400 ft
Max. Drilling Depth30,000 ft
Drilling Package
DerrickNOV 160 ft
1,500 kips
Top DriveNOV TDS-8SA
DrawworksNOV ADS-10T
Rotary TableNOV RST 495
Tubular HandlingForum OAC
Mud PumpsCameron W-2215
HP Mud System7,500 psi
Shale Shakers5x NOV VSM 300
Jacking SystemOTD / 1000 FV
36 pinions
Preload Capacity22,752 kips
Mooring Winches4x Broehl
Anchors4x Flipper Delta
Well Control Equipment
BOPCameron 18-3/4”, 15,000 psi, 4 ram
DiverterDril-Quip, 500 psi
AnnularCameron 10,000 psi
BOP Handling2x Ingersoll Rand 75MT
Conductor TensionerICON T230A
Storage Capacities
Fuel2,735 bbls
Drill Water3,825 bbls
Potable Water2,053 bbls
Liquid Mud3,500 bbls
Bulk Bentonite / Barite6,000 ft³
Bulk Cement5,100 ft³
Sack Storage5,000 sacks
Main Engines5x Caterpillar
Emergency Power1x Stamford
Primary Cranes3x Favelle Favco
The above information is intended for informational purposes only. Actual equipment and specifications may vary based upon subsequent changes, the contract situation and customer needs.